the second to last show... a few months ago

with mike russell, ian decerbo, and our good friend will - aka, the gaslamp killer.. located next to the gaslamp.. at bar basic.  the show was called analog and was based on all things analog, specifically of things that make noise.. i was the "special guest"

the photos are of some of my silkscreened works plus ian's work in white and mike's art in rust.  the show was successful in that we all sold art in San Diego, and many peoples eyes were open to the invisble. i made a few pieces specifically for the show and all of which were either sold or given away... the pink shirt was quoted by my favorite friend and drummer mike russell who pretty much chops up all my favorite drums. i made that shirt for my girlfriend.. hmm what else.. oh i sold my lolo jones painting as well..."if you can't make it over all ten, then you don't deserve to be the champion" - lolo